People Practices in the Indian Development Sector

Date : Mar 15 , 2022 | Featured

A Research Report by ILSS It is with great excitement we share with you ‘People Practices in the Indian Development Sector’, a new research report by ILSS. Through […]


The Role of Mentorship in Women’s Leadership Development in the Social Sector

Date : Apr 5 , 2024 | By Ananya Sharma,Dr. Shradha Roy

‘A mentor is someone who allows you to see the higher part of yourself when sometimes it becomes hidden to your own view.’ –Oprah Winfrey […]


Storytelling for Fundraising: Crafting Compelling Narratives that Drive Donations

Date : Mar 28 , 2024 | By Ananya Sharma,Vishakha Singh

“Through the art of storytelling, we can preserve our heritage, educate future generations, and inspire change.” ― Philipp Humm For nonprofits and social purpose organisations, […]


Unlocking Your Leadership Capacity within the Social Sector: What to Expect from The ILSS Leadership Program

Date : Mar 5 , 2024 | By Ananya Sharma

‘Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.’ – Warren Bennis In the area of the social sector, one question looms large, demanding exploration […]


Why Attend the India Fundraising Conference 2024: A Comprehensive Overview

Date : Jan 25 , 2024 |

In the dynamic landscape of the social sector, fundraising stands as a pivotal element, driving the success of initiatives aimed at creating positive societal change. […]


Alumni Spotlight – Ishmeet Singh

Date : Mar 22 , 2023 | Alumni,alumni Speaks

We sat down with ILSS Alumnus Ishmeet Singh and spoke to him about his transition journey, experience attending The ILSS Leadership Program, current work, his future path […]


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