The ILSS Board Governance Program

As social impact leaders, your work is a testament to the passion and drive that is the lifeblood of India’s development sector. Our commitment at ILSS is to help you achieve your objectives of a resilient, sustainable organisation that can create impact at scale.

Our Board Governance Program aims to guide you in devising a strategy for the creation and mapping of a strong board that aligns with your unique aspirations. The program’s purpose is to empower SPO Leaders with the knowledge and skills needed to establish or strengthen effective boards in the social sector. It is a 7-week online program.

Program Outcomes

The ILSS Board Governance Program is focused on equipping our SPOs with skills and tools that can be leveraged to set-up and/or brace an effective board.

These outcomes primarily focus on your organization…

Understand a Board’s Purpose

Create and understand the purpose of a board

Define an Effective Board

Define an effective board and its implications

Build Capacity

Identify effective board governance practices and strategies for managing board conflicts

Explore the Scope

Discuss challenges and opportunities that shape an effective board

Empower Self

Develop a customised action plan for improving your board governance practices that is concrete, specific, and achievable

Program Principles

These principles will create a dynamic and hands-on experience, empowering you to contextualize and apply the knowledge gained throughout the program.

Action Oriented:

This program emphasises practical application and empowers participants to take tangible steps towards improving board governance practices.

Expert Faculty:

Participants will benefit from the guidance and expertise of experienced faculty members who bring deep knowledge and insights on board governance in the social sector.

Continuous Learning:

Fostering a culture of ongoing development and knowledge acquisition for three transformative months, to ensure sustained growth and adaptability in board governance practices.

Individual Synthesis:

Dedicated time and space to synthesise the learning and opportunities to apply to their unique context.

Peer Learning:

Experience and explore learning in an ecosystem that fosters mutual support, co-creation of ideas, and thriving in a safe and inclusive environment.

Who is the Program for?

Our program is for SPO leaders who are committed to –

Setting up an effective board for the organization

Strengthening the existing board

Joining a community of SPO leaders who focus on board as a strategic lever to further impact

Eligibility Criteria

Organisations that have been in existence for at least 2 years

Organisations with a budget of more than 2 crore

Application Process

Step 1: Application Form

Register and Submit the application on the ILSS Website

Step 2: Virtual Interview

Selected applicants shall be invited for an online interview round

Step 3: Offer Letter

An offer letter shall be emailed post selection

Step 4: Program Fee Payment

Upcoming Program Details