ILSS People Practices Program

The ILSS People Practices Program equips participants with the skills they need to attract, engage, grow, and retain the right talent towards achieving the organizational mission. The Program enables organization leaders in the sector to prioritize wholesome people practices, building the organizations’ capabilities, growth prospects, and sustainability in the long run.

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Program Objectives

  • Capability Building: Increased capability of social sector leaders to attract, hire, grow and retain talent and build wholesome workplaces within organizations enabling growth and sustainability as they work towards their social impact mission
  • Improved Compliance and Organizational Practices: Improved organizational compliances and practices around people due to prioritization of people and development of better people leaders
  • Devising a model for people management for the development sector’s unique realities: Advocating for a model for people management for the development sector that is relevant, actionable and informed by the sector’s unique realities. A curated repository of tools, templates and frameworks related to people practices, ready to plug-and-play aids with the process of enabling leaders build better-managed organizations
  • Increased investments in Talent Management: Investments in the people function are increased, strategic and timely
  • Strengthened Development Ecosystem: Improved models of people management relevant to the Indian development sector landscape leading to an inclusive, fair, people-centric sector that is viewed as an attractive vocation/career prospect

Who is the Program For?

The ILSS People Practices Program is geared towards having two participants per organization be part of the cohort, of which at least one member is the founder/CEO/Executive Director/Leader of the organization. The eligibility criteria is listed below.

  • Participant Profile: Founders/CEOs/Executive Directors that meet the following criteria:

    -Bring in a minimum 5 years of work experience with having been in a leadership position for at least 1 year in the organisation

    -Organization must be operational for at least 3 years and have a minimum staff size of at least 15 full-time employees
  • Accompanying this participant, HR Heads or others with people-related KRAs and goals


Program Outline

The program will be offered as a comprehensive blended action-workshop series over 10 weeks (with synchronous and asynchronous components) each focusing on a specific theme. Workshop learnings will be supplemented by individual and group projects, readings, case studies, peer learning circles and mentorship/coaching. Including independent study, participants should expect to commit upto 6 hours/week on average.


I, A Leader. This, My Vocation.
  • Uncovering personal values and leadership style
  • Understanding personal people-related challenges as mirrors and pathways for growth
  • Understanding personal definition of leadership and “success” and finding means to embody that through your role
Why Invest in your People?
  • Understanding people management and development as a strategic function
  • Learning from relevant organizations who’ve achieved strategic differentiation and success through people
  • Uncovering and articulating own philosophies for investing in people
  • Understanding people-related policies and legal compliance
Aligning Organization & People
  • Building organization culture
  • Attracting, sourcing and aligning talent
  • Managing and developing talent
  • Rewarding and growing talent
Creating a Plan for Change
  • Consolidating Program learnings
  • Designing plans for change management and a plan for change based on learnings

Featured Faculty & Speakers

Ashish Dhawan

Ashish Dhawan

Philanthropist & Founder, Central Square Foundation

  • Program Dates

    The Program is slated to kick off in early May. Schedule for the same will be released closer to the Program date.

  • Program Fees

    1L + 18% GST per organization (two participants, Founder/CEO + 1) or 80K + 18% GST for a single participant |

    Limited need-based scholarships are available.

  • Applications Due

    Applications are processed on a rolling basis

  • Contact Us

    Email: isha@indialeadersforsocialsector.com
    Phone: 97690 07297

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