Building Organisational Capability for Development Management

Building Organisational Capability for Effective Development Management

Date : Jul 4 , 2024 | By: Nupur Mahajan,Featured

Development management is a hot topic in India, and for good reason. The increasing capital inflow into the social sector, fuelled by corporate social responsibility […]


People Practices in the Indian Development Sector

Date : Mar 15 , 2022 | Featured

A Research Report by ILSS It is with great excitement we share with you ‘People Practices in the Indian Development Sector’, a new research report by ILSS. Through […]


How to Make the Workplace Enough when Money Isn’t

Date : Dec 8 , 2021 | Featured,People Practices

Diagnosing the Salary-Retention Paradigm Taniya D’Silva & Swechha Sikaria _______________________________ Research by The Bridgespan Group highlighted that one of the key issues nonprofit boards and […]

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