‘The spirit remains the same, the ambition is bigger’

Date : Apr 17 , 2019 | Q&A

When Safeena Husain stepped out of London School of Economics and headed to Silicon Valley to work at a start-up, little did she know how […]


‘Doing good is a collective responsibility’

Date : Feb 13 , 2019 | Q&A

Anshu Gupta has a rather disturbing metaphor to describe the general apathy towards ‘other’ India, the India that is in distress and forgotten by the […]


‘Are we suffering from a lack of imagination?’

Date : Dec 3 , 2018 | Q&A

The pace at which social problems are outpacing our solutions underscores the need for bold philanthropy, audacious goals and capable, committed leadership, says Rohini Nilekani.