‘Unlocking Potential through an Entrepreneurship Mindset’

Date : Apr 13 , 2021 | Past Webinars

Mekin Maheshwari is extremely passionate about discovering & unleashing human potential beyond limits. In 2017, he started Udhyam Learning Foundation, a not-for-profit an organisation that aims to develop entrepreneurial mindsets amongst youth and nano entrepreneurs to help them pursue their potential.

Mekin started his career in 2002 with Yahoo! and then went on to join Ugenie where he created weRead – a successful social network around books. He was an early team member at Flipkart where he played various roles. As Head of Engineering, he built a great tech team, which he counts as his biggest professional achievement to date. He then went on to establish two small start-ups within Flipkart and finally took on the role of Chief People Officer.

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