‘Orchestrating Societal Change at Scale: Networks + Innovation + Technology’

Date : Apr 13 , 2021 | Past Webinars

Sanjay has more than 30 years of diverse and global experience across corporate and societal development sectors. This spans senior leadership and entrepreneurial roles in corporate strategy, digital transformation, management consulting and sustainable development. Since 2016, at EkStep Foundation, he is leading the evolution of Societal Platform Thinking, an innovative method to resolve complex societal challenges with speed, at scale, sustainably.

He advises multiple social entrepreneurs who are developing Societal Platforms in domains such as but not limited to, education, financial inclusion, healthcare, urban governance, and livelihoods. This includes large scale systems change initiatives supported by Co-Impact, a global philanthropic collaborative. In parallel, he is catalysing ShikshaLokam, a Societal Platform that is focused on developing leadership across the education system in India.

Passionate about mentoring young entrepreneurs, he advises startups supported by Fundamentum, a scale investment fund, The/Nudge CSI, a not-for-profit incubator and accelerator, and Edumentum, a not-for-profit incubator focused on education.

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