‘Education for empowerment and liberation of the marginalized’

Date : Apr 13 , 2021 | Past Webinars

Dr RS Praveen Kumar is an officer of the Indian Police Service (IPS) with a career spanning more than 25yrs. He has served both nationally and internationally, demonstrating commendable leadership and prudence in resolving conflicts and maintaining law and order.

He took over the administration of social welfare residential educational institutions in the year 2012, working with about 200,000 children from vulnerable backgrounds providing them with better access to education and opportunities to pursue their interests and careers. One of them being Malavath Poorna, a 13-year-old tribal student who made history by being the youngest girl in the world to scale Mount Everest. Her story has been made into a critically acclaimed film in 2017 called ‘Poorna’ and Rahul Bose, the actor and filmmaker played Dr Praveen Kumar’s role in the film.

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