Decoding Digital Liberties and Rights: The Road Ahead

Date : Sep 23 , 2021 | Past Webinars

Apar Gupta is a lawyer and the Executive Director of the Internet Freedom Foundation (IFF). The IFF is an Indian digital liberties organisation that seeks to ensure that technology respects fundamental rights.He completed his post-graduate studies from the Columbia University School of Law and have practised for more than a decade.

From 2015, he has been working extensively on public interest issues which include strategic litigation and organisation of campaigns and collectives. In courts, his work as a lawyer includes key digital rights cases on privacy and censorship. He is a part of key constitutional challenges on Section 66A, the Right to Privacy and Aadhaar representing public interest litigants. Beyond court work he has worked extensively with activists and set up digital campaigns such as those on Net Neutrality (, fight against defamation laws ( and safeguard privacy (

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