Fundraising the Right Way

Date : Jan 21 , 2021 | Opinion

Best Practices from Across the Social Sector

Pratyush Rawal & Radha Arakkal

Funds are the lifeblood of social-impact organizations. The criticality of fundraising for a non-profit cannot be overstated.

At India Leaders for Social Sector (ILSS), we conducted a detailed study on the development sector fundraising landscape, the main challenges that organizations and social sector leaders face while raising money, and the best practices that some of the most successful fundraising organizations follow.  We interviewed over 70 non-profit leaders, donors, experts, and intermediaries and had over 50 informal conversations for this study.

In the first article of the two-part series, we enumerated the key challenges faced by non-profits while fundraising. In this piece, we discuss the best practices followed by organizations that have been successful at fundraising and have aced the domain.

We found out that successful fundraising organizations strongly believe that social change is impossible without successful fundraising. This is an important lesson for all social impact organizations to emulate. These organizations must not only recognize the centrality of fundraising in their work, but also actively invest in recruiting and upskilling fundraising talent. The success of their social missions will closely follow the success of their fundraising efforts.

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