Sanjay Mehta

ILSS Batch: January 2018

Previous role(s): Financial Controller (India), Standard Chartered Bank

Current role: Designs and implements financial literacy modules for underprivileged youth

A little over two years ago, Sanjay Mehta left a successful career in the financial services industry with the intention of using his knowledge to fill the huge gap he saw in the availability of basic financial education at the high school and college level. In January 2018, he attended the ILSS Leadership Program, where he found answers he had been seeking for a long time — as well as a cohort of like-minded people who were on similar journeys. A few months ago, he designed and piloted two base-level modules for a Mumbai-based NGO to impart financial literacy skills to female students (aged 18-22 years) from low-income communities, pursuing professional degrees such as engineering and CA. He is now building further modules to deliver a full suite of financial literacy interventions so that more youth and women develop the confidence and skills to manage their finances and their futures. Sanjay has close to 27 years of experience in Finance. He was the Financial Controller (India) of Standard Chartered Bank from 2009 till 2016. Previous to that, he served as Head, Finance & Strategy, Wholesale Banking for India & South Asia for the company.

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