The ILSS Leadership Program

The ILSS Leadership Program is an intensive online program which  is designed to inspire, empower and enable high-quality talent from diverse backgrounds to take up leadership roles in the development sector.

Our leadership programs are specially curated learning sessions with domain experts and leaders in the social sector, focusing on building perspectives and enhancing competencies through interactive learning modules – facilitating a better understanding of the social sector, so as to help participants engage with the sector more meaningfully and have a fulfilling experience working and contributing towards social change.

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Program Objectives

At the ILSS Leadership Program, participants can expect a holistic experience
designed to build informed, empathetic leaders for social change.

  • Perspective Development

    Expanding views to understand the landscape of the social sector and empathise with its challenges, looking at things from a systems perspective.

  • Demystifying the sector

    Gaining new knowledge about the sector, unlearning what we know, separating the myth from the reality.

  • Understanding the Self

    Achieving a greater sense of the Self and the ability to stand within one’s values, and using the power of these values to lead others.

  • Careers in the sector

    Connecting with individuals, organisations and networks in the development sector.

  • Immersion Experience

    A curated on-ground experience, to get a real taste of the complexities of the social problems and the work happening on ground

  • Knowledge, skills, attitude

    The right tools required to successfully make an impact in the social sector - from fundraising to policy-making, design thinking to impact assessment

Key Elements

  • Introduction to Social Sector – Perspectives from social sector leaders who made a career transition into the social sector, sharing their journey and experiences.
  • Introduction to development – A data-oriented approach to development - Where are we? What is the reality on the ground? An overview of India’s Development Story and interpreting the numbers
  • Understanding work and motivations of social sector leaders – Interactive sessions where participants get perspectives from various social sector leaders working with different kind of organizations – social activists, academicians, leaders working in different sectors, domestic, international, working with the government or as part of the government to help get a holistic picture of the social sector and its workings.
  • Alumni connect – A space to connect with ILSS Alumni to understand their journey into the social sector as well as the work they are doing now.
  • Leadership & Self-awareness – Understanding leadership and personal values, strongly rooted in the self and the personal journey, as we strongly believe that transformation of the self plays a very important role in bringing about any change, collectively or individually, in any role that we perform in our lives.
  • Systems Thinking – Session on systems thinking with experts, understanding frameworks and models of systems thinking that can be applied to problems in the social sector and understanding its complexities.
  • Immersion Experience – A curated on-ground experience, to get a real taste of the complexities of the social problems and the work happening on ground.

  • Candidates with a minimum of 8 years of professional experience, experience in a mid-senior level role is necessary
  • Candidates working in the corporate sector, or who have already undergone a career transition into the social sector not more than 3 years ago.
  • Social sector candidates can also be nominated by their organizations, by writing to us. They however still will need to go through the full application process.
  • Candidates currently engaged in the CSR or Diversity & Inclusion initiatives within corporates.
  • Senior executives who wish to explore careers in social impact or simply wish to build their knowledge of the social development space.
  • Candidates who have taken a break from their full-time roles may apply as long as they meet the criteria of the minimum work experience.

Upcoming Program

  • Program Dates

    14th January - 12th March, 2022

    Final application deadline: 13th December 2021

  • Program Fees

    1.25 lakh + 18% GST

  • Venue Details

    Virtual Program

    Sessions will happen online, post work hours on Fridays and on Saturdays. (4-6 Hours Learning Commitment per week)

  • Application Procedure

    To Know more, email us at isha@indialeadersforsocialsector.com or call us at +91-9769007297

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Our Alumni Come from

ILSS Alumni come from different background and Industries. Here are some companies our Leadership Program Alumni worked before transitioning to the social sector.

Some of our Placement Organizations

ILSS Leadership Program Alumni work in and transition into diverse social sector organisations across the country. Here are some of our placement organisations.