IFRC 2024 Key Takeaways Report

Fundraising without Burnout

Philanthropic Adviser and Author, Radha Friedman, explores the predominant work cultures in the social sector and the long term impact it carries for fundraisers.

Social Stock Exchange

The Social Stock Exchange heralds a new era in fundraising for nonprofits. Krutika Shelke (Deputy Head, Social Stock Exchange) and Noshir Dadrawala (CEO, Centre for Advancement of Philanthropy) explore the ways nonprofits can leverage this instrument.

The Funding Landscape: The Way Forward

The growth trajectory of domestic philanthropy holds a lot of promise for nonprofits in the country. Govind Iyer (Chairperson, SVP), Srikrishna Sridhar Murthy (Co-Founder & CEO, Sattva), Ziaa Lalkaka (CEO, HT Parekh Foundation) discuss the available opportunities for nonprofit leaders.

Young Philanthropist Perspectives

Young philanthropists are shaping the future of giving in India. Amitabh Jaipuria (CEO, Accelerate Indian Philanthropy) explores the early influences and current philanthropic mindset of Aakash Chaudhry (Co-Founder, Aakash Educational Services Limited), Aradhana Rai Gupta (Co-Founder, Project Baala), Shruti Shibulal (CEO & Director, Tamara Leisure Experiences), and Tara Singh Vachani (Executive Chairperson, Antara Senior Living)

Fundraising Success Stories

There are as many approaches to fundraising, as there are fundraisers. From crowdfunding campaigns to unique pay-it-forward models, a curation of fundraisers share their recipes of fundraising success.