Alumni Voices

While I was keen to make a transition into the social Sector, ILSS turned out to be the perfect program to support me in my decision. It has been instrumental in providing access to new opportunities and networks in the sector, along with guidance to make the best decision, aligned to our passion & purpose. You also get the opportunity to interact with a great set of peers

Ishmeet Singh, Senior Vice-President – Health, Piramal Swasthya
Alumnus, Batch 8 – ILSS Leadership Program

With ILSS, I find myself learning and unlearning in the company of spirited peers, pioneering leaders and renowned academics. It has helped me address a crucial question: How to build the foundational knowledge to go further? From Economics to Social Entrepreneurship, from Leadership dilemmas to the dynamics of partnership, the program has given me great clarity and direction to the path ahead.

Sajan PK, Communications and CSR Consultant
Alumnus, Batch 8 – ILSS Leadership Program

ILSS was a life-changing experience for me. It gave me a holistic view of the sector and enabled me with the entire social sector ecosystem which included access to the opportunities, social sector leaders, practitioners, and offered a great platform to interact with the vibrant cohort members. The ILSS team inspired me at each and every step of my transition journey and facilitated my movement into the social sector.

Suman Kaul, Senior Director – Development, Ashoka University,
Alumna, Batch 8 – ILSS Leadership Program

I feel I have finally been given a playbook on fundraising! As someone who set up my organization to make a difference, the fundraising world was very opaque to me. Now, I feel confident in showcasing our work and tapping in to what I initially thought was a tight financial space.

Anushri Alva, CEO, Adhyayan Quality Education Foundation
Alumna – Batch 1, ILSS Fundraising Program

The ILSS Leadership Program has been educational, informative and empowering, providing a good mix of concepts and theories, connecting with practitioners of the discipline and their experiences along with insights from those who made the shift, from the corporate to the social sector. The curriculum is well designed, giving us a bird’s eye view of the sector and what one could expect .

It has also connected each one of us to a positive network of people, who are willing to help, advise, collaborate, share successfully creating a circle of positivity and value.

Anjali Hegde, Co-Founder, Interactive Avenues Pvt. Ltd.
Alumna – Batch 8, ILSS Leadership Program

The Program was one place where I knew I could find answers for any questions I may have – a process that, before this, was completely unclear and inaccessible. Especially in sessions with my mentor and the cohort, I had all my questions about how to go about fundraising answered, in a structured way.

Dilshad Mehershahi, Founder, Mann Centre for Individuals with Special Needs,
Alumna – Batch 1, ILSS Fundraising Program

A holistic understanding of the sector, a realistic view of the implementation challenges and the need for multiple stakeholder management. Also allowed me to understand the transition paths taken by Alumni and the trade-offs that would be necessary to make a successful switch to the social sector.

The ILSS Leadership Program thus played a major role in facilitating a change from the corporate sector to the social sector.

Krishnakumar Sankaranarayanan, Managing Director – Equalize Health, India
Alumnus – Batch 8, ILSS Leadership Program

“ILSS was an immersive, exhilarating journey that renewed my faith in myself, fellow human beings and the path into the social space.”

Romonika D Sharan, ILSS – January 2020
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